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Titans of Textiles celebrates the great people who have pioneered Tamil Nadu's textile industry.

The textile industry prides itself on providing one of the three basic needs to mankind. But our world of textiles and fashion can sometimes feel pretty de-humanizing. It's easy to forget that every garment or fabric we wear and use are the result of hard work and struggle by real people. That's why we put together Titans of Textiles - to offer a window into the lives and work of those people.

Through face-to-face interviews, we learned about 26 titans and their journeys in the world of textiles, their talents, their abilities, their successes, as well as their opinions on market opportunities and forecasts for the future of the industry. We looked beyond the conventional definitions for 'success', putting a spotlight on the people, projects, and ideas that have shaped textile companies.

India is the world's second largest textile exporter.

Weaves 2018

WEAVES is the South India's Premier Textile Fair, which is to facilitate the partnership between Indian and International buyers with manufacturers and traders of this region. WEAVES acts as a gateway to the textile industry for the weavers and an opportunity to showcase, connect, and collaborate, where innumerable textile talents can showcase their expertise and market their products to customers from all over the globe.

WEAVES is being held in partnership with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), at TEXVALLEY, - largest wholesale textile market in the heart of South India, Erode, Tamil Nadu. Erode is the heart of this region's textile clusters surrounded by a huge number of textile manufacturing industries located in Salem, Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Karur, Namakkal, Palladam and Pallipalayam.



T. Kannan

Thiyagarajar Mills (P) Ltd (1936)

Mr. T. Kannan serves as Managing Director at Thiagarajar Mills Limited and has had an enormous impact on the textile industry.

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T. R. Dhinakaran

Shri Ramalinga Mills Limited (1951)

Renowned in the textile industry, Mr. T.R. Dhinakaran is the Chairman of Shri Ramalinga Mills Limited.

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Sri. N. Chandran

Eastman Exports (1983)

A formidable force in Tamilnadu's textile industry, Chairman and Managing Director of Eastman Exports Sri. N. Chandran shares his pre-eminent journey from being a graduate of arts to becoming an esteemed industrialist.

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K.G. Balakrishnan

KG Fabriks Limited (1994)

Sri K.G. Balakrishnan, Executive Chairman of KG Denim Limited, is a prominent industrialist and altruist.

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Padmashri Dr. A. Sakthivel

Poppy's Knit wear (2003)

Padmashri Dr. A. Sakthivel, Chairman and Managing Director of Poppys Knitwear (P) Ltd.

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M. Senthil Kumar

BKS Textiles Private Ltd (1985)

Sri. M. Senthil Kumar, Chairman of BKS Textiles, shares his magnificent journey. Even after we experienced setbacks, I still believed that a business could go global even while being based in India.

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T. S. Natrajan

Jansons India (1983)

Mr. T.S. Natrajan, a celebrated textile industrialist and benevolent person, is the Founder and Chairman of Jansons Group.

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N. R. Venkatachalam

Asian Fabricx Private Ltd (1974)

N. R. Venkatachalam, talks about his incredible journey on becoming a leader in the textile industry and shares revealing beliefs about being a self-taught student.

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Mr. Susindran

Kay Ventures (2015)

Mr. Susindran is the CEO of Kay Ventures, which produces knitwear products predominantly for leading global brands

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K. P. Ramsamy

KPR Mills Limited (1984)

Shri. K.P. Ramsamy, a veteran industrialist with 36 years of experience, is the Chairman of KPR Mills Limited and an enthusiastic, well-spoken leader.

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M. C. Robin and M. C. Rixon

MCR Textiles (1995)

MCR traces its origins back to the early 90s when brothers Sri. M.C. Robin, Chairman of the group, and Sri. M.C. Rixon, Managing Director of MCR, set out to build their now exceedingly successful enterprise.

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K. K. Balusamy

K. K. Balusamy &Co

Now we hear from an industry expert who had humble beginnings in Erode before eventually realizing that the textile industry and uplifting his family business were what really mattered to him

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Four Seasons International is one of the largest manufacturers of home textiles and is a force in Tamilnadu’s textile sector. For over four decades, the group has been a leading textile exporter.

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Vishal Bharath Textiles

Vishal Bharath Textiles was established in 1972 and is now one of the most renowned textile companies in all of India. The founder, Mr. Murugesh, discusses his unique journey to success, the importance of traveling, and his family values.

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M. Duraisamy

Surya Cotton Fabrics

Shri M. Duraisamy explores his journey in the textile industry as a diligent, well-respected leader and his techniques for establishing real, sustainable relationships in business.

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P. R. Venketrama Raja

Rajapalayam Mills Ltd (RAMCO)

Mr. P.R. Venketrama Raja speaks about the Ramco Group’s Textile Division from its humble beginnings in 1938, the journey so far; his succession to the group and advice he has for upand- coming industrialists.

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K. V. Srinivasan

Premier Mills Pvt Ltd (1949)

K. V. Srinivasan, Managing Director of Premiere Mills and an inspiration in the textile industry, talks about the history of Premiere and the reason it turned out to be such a successful enterprise.

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M. Shanmugam

Warsaw International (1989)

Raja M. Shanmugam, founder of Warsaw International, reveals the crossroads of his life.I am a first-generation entrepreneur in my family. I hail from an agrarian family. My father was primarily a cotton farmer, but also cultivated other seasonal crops in good old Tiruppur, which, until the 1970s, was more like an overgrown village.

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K. R. Nagarajan

Ramaraj Cotton (1983)

Ramraj has been consistently delivering quality products since its inception. Sri. K. R. Nagarajan, vividly shares his triumphant journey

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Durai Palanisamy

Pallavaa Group (1995)

The roots of the Pallavaa Group date back to 1976 in the picturesque town of Erode. Mr. Durai Palanisamy shares about the ethos of the company and their road to success

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Shobika Impex PVT LTD (2009)

Mr. Sivasamy, Managing Director of Shobika Impex, is a first-generation entrepreneur, here he shares his story.

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K. Vinayagam

SCM Textiles Spinners (2003)

Shri. A. Kulandaivel Mudaliar was a visionary founder with a rich legacy. His son, Mr. K. Vinayagam, the Managing Director of SCM Textiles, shares his journey and thoughts.

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M.S. Mathivanan

SSM Academy Of Textile

M.S. Mathivanan, Chairman of SSM Group of Institutions, shares his history with the textile industry along what the country should do to continue to thrive in textiles

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Mr Manikam Ramaswami

Loyal Textile Mills

Late Mr Manikam Ramaswami was the Chairman and Managing Director of Loyal Group is a multi-faceted conglomerate, providing an array of products and services for textile and apparel industries

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M. Britto

JVS Exports (1978)

JVS Exports are leading manufacturers and exporters of home textiles. They are a fourth-generation family business originating from the parent company C. Swaminatha Mudaliar Sons, which was established in 1931. Mr. M. Britto, Partner in JVS Exports, shares his story.

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M. Nachimuthu

Atlas Export Enterprises (1978)

Shri M. Nachimuthu is the Chairman of Atlas Group of Companies. From his humble beginnings in Karur to becoming one of the leading exporters of home textile products, he shares the secrets of his success and advice for budding entrepenurs.

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A.C. Eswaran

Viking Textiles Private Ltd (1963)

Shri. A.C. Eswaran, the patriarch of leading hosiery companies Vikings and Anand shares his experiences and challenges of building a successful business In the textile industry

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Penguin Apparels

Mr. Anbukani is the Managing Director of Penquin apparels, he shares his journey towards building a world class facility in Madurai to manufacture and export products to brands like Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren and many others

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